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BY LadyBEAST Productions
Look up! It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's, it's...
In a strait jacket hanging 150' above Black Rock City from a hot air balloon! Let's make this happen!

Look! Up in the sky! 150' over Black Rock City... There's none other than LadyBEAST, suspended by her feet from the basket of a hot air balloon, bound in a strait jacket, quietly hovering in the dawn light. Will she escape? Be pulled into the basket and gracefully float to the desert below?? HOW CAN THIS EVEN BE HAPPENING???

Well folks, it begins here and now. Come one, come all to an unforgettable evening of brilliant live music, New Orleans circus theater, independent film, and electro-swingin beats to keep the party moving! 

Saturday, July 21st, 
Paradox Media & Camp GatorDox invite you to help support their 2018 performance installation, "Strait No Chaser: The Great Strait Escape" to be featured at this year's Burning Man. A spectacular variety show awaits, with music by Earles of Newtown, DJ Skyler Gilmore, and the opening night of "LEVITY" - circus-inspired theater by LadyBeast Productions.

In addition to supporting the Great Strait Escape, Camp GatorDox will be hosting a theme camp at 6:45 & Bender where they'll feature a nightly circus, music, comedy, and karaoke variety show on the camp stage, a Cute Little Absinthe Bar, The Embellish-Tent and a gaming garden of tricks and treats.

It all begins here and now, with your support! Come enjoy art in the name of art! GATORDOX!

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