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“DOORWAYS HOME” is a collaborative, immersive, interactive experience that was designed and built by PARADOX Media for Unison, and installed at Shoreline Amphitheater from July-September 2019.  


From the exterior, it presented as a vividly colorful “home”, curiously and invitingly out of place in the middle of a concert amphitheater. The design of this installation was based on a classic “Tunnel Book” architecture, wherein a book is telescoped out to create a look-through “tunnel” of flats that create depth and dimension. By enlarging this concept to the scale of a small home, the viewer will be able to experience the depth of several “rooms” over the course of 15’ depth. Participants were led to open the front doors of the house, revealing the playful interior, as well as a whimsical window opening into a fantastically disorienting infinity box by Matt Elson.


Big thanks to our partners at Rbhu for their engineering support!

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