An interactive journey of possibility and moments discovered

“DOORWAYS HOME” is a collaborative, immersive, interactive experience to be installed at Shoreline Amphitheater from June 2019 until the end of the concert season.  


From the exterior, it presents as a vividly colorful “home”, curiously and invitingly out of place there, on the lawn, in the middle of a concert ground. The walls are not quite what you’d expect, folding and subtly arcing in places, covered with small doors. The rooftop is composed of more doors, placed in graceful configuration. This does somehow seem familiar.


As you approach from the front, you are guided to grasp the doors and open them wide. There is revealed a playful interior, full of theatrical scenes, filled with participants, moving about and creating a dynamic world within. You enjoy viewing this world, capturing in an irresistible series of photographs.


Or, perhaps you approach from the back, leading to a “Stage Door.” There above it, the show is clearly “On Air.” This serves as another invitation to enter, this time to become the show. You move about, through the scenes, picking up objects, creating whimsical and beautiful moments, captured by the viewer reveling in the tableau.


In one possible scenario of the DOORWAYS HOME construction, this experience will be topped by an “Infinity Attic.” By following the colorful stairs up, you will find yourself in a smaller room, housing one of Matt Elson’s esteemed “Infinity Boxes” as an illuminated centerpiece. Matt’s boxes are rapidly gaining international recognition for playfully detaching the viewer from standard perception, and allowing them to see themselves in new ways. This seems particularly appropriate when re-thinking your approach to the experience of home.


The two scenarios detailed below both start with a similar ground floor. This level is based on a classic “Tunnel Book” architecture, wherein a book is telescoped out to create a look-through “tunnel” of flats that create depth and dimension. By enlarging this concept to the scale of a small home, the viewer will be able to experience the depth of several “rooms” over the course of 12’-15’ depth. Participants will be led to open the front doors of the house, revealing the playful interior.


Participants that enter from the back, the “Stage Door”, will then be inside of the home amidst the Tunnel layers, playing with a fun, random assortment of 2D and 3D objects, creating playful interactions, theatrical vignettes, and, of course, irresistibly photogenic moments. We estimate a capacity of 6-8 people at any one time, with many more viewing and capturing the scene.



This is the larger-scale floor plan, which includes a staircase to the second level, The Infinity Attic. This smaller capacity (3-6 person) room will feature the aforementioned Infinity Box, which bends light, image, and color in an unbelievably curious and compelling manor. How does it work? Magic.




This is the one-story version of the experience, which may be more feasible based on site survey, build time, and overall cost. In this case, we can create a full rooftop of doors, arranged in a colorful, artful manner. The interior dimensions of the “Tunnel Book” can be expanded by 3’ to accommodate more sets, props, and participants, since there will be no staircase in the 15’ x 15’ allotment.


This full-scale Tunnel Book is the creative dream of Project Manager, Devyn Madsen. Here she illustrates the concept with a mock-up, illustrating the ability to show depth and scale with a minimal amount of space. Objects in the model represent a mixture of 2D painted / illustrated props, as well as 3D props such as phones, an LED-illuminated fireplace, and a clawfoot tub, beckoning you to climb in and pose.

Either house plan will include an Accordion Wall featuring colorful viewing doors - allowing participants a view into the activation, or surprising smaller shadow box tableaus


Who doesn’t want to be backstage? Nobody! We will create a fun, inviting backdoor entrance to DOORWAYS HOME. Once inside, participants will realize that they ARE the show! They will then invite others to join, or trade places with friends, guaranteeing a stream of photographable moments.

Here are further examples of Infinity Box experiences - unbelievably compelling, unique, and unforgettable.

So much of what we do in our day-to-day life is built around the individual. We hear “do it yourself” and “go it alone” on a regular basis. Thus, here, we delight in the opportunity to create an environment built for engagement, collaboration, and interactive play. DOORWAYS HOME works best when you work together.


Our color palette is inspired by the pastel painted hills of San Francisco, the bold accents of New Orleans and the hues of exquisite European cities - Saffron, Poppy, Avocado, Lapis, Buttermilk, Marigold, Watermelon, Chartreuse, Pewter and of course, Unison's iconic Undigo Blue.




For over 20 years, Justin Katz has pursued a long and winding career in collaborative, participation-based, community art. He is the founder and creative director of the PARADOX Media Creative Group. In addition, he has built art cars, founded and managed an arts non-profit, run a hip-hop theater company, cultivated and managed touring bands, directed parades, created large-scale festivals, and founded The Edwardian Ball - an immersive, theatrical, costume-and-character based event that will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in January of 2020. He has produced countless concerts and festivals, from clubs to arenas, and since 2016, has worked as a year-round event producer for Burning Man’s department of Art and Civic Engagement. In this capacity, he supports local, regional, and international community development and leadership through the arts, and supports art projects and installations in a variety of civic environments.





Devyn Madsen is a Philadelphia transplant whose heart was stolen by the Bay Area's colorful and dynamic culture. Upon moving to San Francisco 11 years ago- she found herself immersed heavily in the night life, music and art scenes of the city. Devyn's interests flowed naturally into immersive art events. As a partner in PARADOX Media, Devyn designs and manages large scale projects and events including the esteemed Edwardian Ball. Additionally, she produces the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, curates and designs the auction for Burning Man’s annual Artumnal Gathering, and manages New Orleans based circus troupe, LadyBEAST Productions. Further, Devyn is a master textile artist with focus in the styles of Japanese silk painting, shibori and pelangi. Her studies also include web design, illustration, print-making, silk screening, set design and large scale painting. Devyn's passions run deep through art centric experiences as a way to bring community together through creativity.





Our team includes a cast of professional builders, carpenters, and fabricators, that have led build crews on projects as large as The Temple at Burning Man, and as intricate as Cabinets of Wonder at The Edwardian Ball. We will pursue the most vigorous standards of building and structural integrity, as we value safety above all else.

Thank you for the opportunity to present our project proposal. We believe it will deliver an engaging, on-brand, and memorable experience, and we look forward to the opportunity to see this collaborative vision come to life.

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